BESTWICK in Pennsylvania
CLAWSON in West Virginia, Ohio and Michigan

We are connected to the Bestwick and Clawson families through my husband's great grandmother Jane CLAWSON who was the granddaughter of James BESTWICK, Sr.   He came with his family to Mercer Co., Pennsylvania from Staffordshire, England in 1834.  James Bestwick and his wife Esther Clewlow had six children one of whom was Esther Bestwick who married Hiram Clawson.

Hiram Clawson was born in West Virginia and as an adult moved to Pennsylvania where he married Esther Bestwick, who was a native of England and was brought to America at age twelve.  They settled in Ohio.

Hiram and Esther (Bestwick) Clawson moved to Berrien County Michigan in 1855 where they farmed in Pipestone Township.  Hiram enlisted in the Twelfth Michigan Infantry of Company I and died at age 44 at Duvalls Bluff, AR during the Civil War. (1861-1865).  (Note: this is the same Infantry unit that Jacob Aumack and his son 18 year old John joined in 1864.  Jacob came back.  John died in Arkansas.  See our Relatives in Civil War link).  Hiram and Esther's children were Sullivan, Edwin, Harrison and Jane.

Jane CLAWSON and her husband Smyth AUMACK lived in Berrien Co., Michigan.

Our line of descent (the brief version):

1.  James Bestwick (b.1782 Staffordshire, England d. 1882 Mercer Co., PA) married 1803 Esther Clewlow, Buchnell-cum-Bagnell, England (b. 1783 England.  d. 1855 in Mercer Co, PA).  Immigration: 1834.

2.  Esther Bestwick (b. bet 1827-1830 England) m. Hiram Clawson (b. 1820 West Virginia d. 1864, AR)

3.  Jane Clawson (b. 1856 MI d. 1933 in MI) m. Symthe (Smith) Aumack (b. 1852MI-1931MI) in Michigan.

4.  John Henry Aumack (b. 1878 MI d. 1945 SK) m. Verna Moss (b. 1892 MI - d. 1959 SK)

The information about the Bestwick family comes from two sources.  Firstly, a letter regarding an estate of James Bestwick, Sr. and secondly from Lesta Bestwick Hemstreet who has researched this family extensively for several years and has a considerable database of names, dates, historical information and documentation.

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