Moss, Hartsell and Puterbaugh in Michigan

This page discusses the ancestors of Verna Moss (1892-1959) wife of John Aumack originally from Michigan.  They emigrated to Saskatchewan to homestead in 1917.

Locations mentioned:
Berrien County, Michigan
Cass County, Michigan
Saskatchewan, Canada

Time period:  approximately 1850 to 1959.

Surnames on this page:
Puterbaugh - Verna Moss' g-grandmother, Patience Magadalene Puterbaugh, descendant of George Puterbaugh from Germany.

Hartsell line of descent: (brief version)

1.  Jacob C. HARTSELL  m. 1867 Patience Magadaline PUTERBAUGH
(b.1849 Michigan-d.1945 )

    2.  Minne Sarah HARTSELL (b. 1872 Michigan-d. 1935 Sask.) m. Charles MOSS

        3.  Verna MOSS (b. 1892 Michigan-d. 1959 Sask ) m.
                   John AUMACK (b.1878 Berrien Co.,MI, d. 1945 Sask)


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Descendants of Jacob C. HARTSELL

Generation No. 1

1.  JACOB C. HARTSELL (dates and location unknown, probably Cass or Berrien County, MI).  He married PATIENCE MAGALENE PUTERBAUGH Dec 25, 1867 in Pipestone Township, Berrien County, Michigan, daughter of JACOB PUTERBAUGH and SARAH ROOF.  She was born Feb 20, 1849 in Michigan, and died Jan 29, 1945.  Patience PUTERBAUGH married a second time to James Calvin HAUGH.

Generation No. 2

2.  MINNIE SARAH2 HARTSELL (JACOB C.1) was born Aug 23, 1872 in St. Joa, Mich (St. Joseph?), and died May 1, 1935 in Rabbit Lake, SK.  She married (1) CHARLES MOSS, son of GEORGE MOSS and MATILDA(MOSS) UNKNOWN.  She married (2) (MIN MOSS) WARBOYS.

5. ii. VERNA MOSS, b. Feb 25, 1892; d. 1959, Rabbit Lake, SK..
6. iii. ELDON MOSS, b. May 27, 1894; d. Nov 1979, Beulah, Michigan 49617.

3.  VERNA A.2 HARTSELL (JACOB C.1) was born Aug 23, 1877.  She married ERNEST C. WILLS 1898 in Sodus, Michigan.  He was born Nov 27, 1874 in Central Falls,R.I.. One daughter: Marjorie Wills.

Generation No. 3

5.  VERNA3 MOSS (MINNIE SARAH2 HARTSELL, JACOB C.1) was born Feb 25, 1892, and died 1959 in Rabbit Lake, SK..  She married JOHN HENRY AUMACK,, son of SMYTHE (Smith)  AUMACK and JANE CLAWSON.  He was born Apr 15, 1878 in Berrien County, Eau Claire, Michigan, and died Jul 5, 1945 in Rabbit Lake, SK.

Immigration: Jan 1917, to North Battleford, SK from Michigan USA

Questions about this family:
Jacob C. Hartsell: birthdate, location, parents, death date and burial, where, marriage location and date?
Minnie Hartsell: birthdate uncertain, location, marriage date, information about her spouse Charles Moss?
Charles Moss: husband of Minnie Hartsell: need all information and dates and locations?
Verna Moss: birth location, marriage date and location?

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