Luxegen Family Stories is a collection of stories assembled by Joan Miller about our family’s genealogy interests and family history.  Joan also blogs about genealogy at Luxegen Genealogy and Family History at www.luxegen.ca

Our Stories

Grandpa Irvine’s Diaries – 60 years of diaries.  Homesteading to family to politics and weather!

Our Family Tree Lines

Aumack in Eastern US and Canada

Aumack and Clawson in Civil War

Bestwick (England to USA) – Clawson (USA)

Henderson (Ireland to Canada) – contact for more information

Irvine (Ireland to Canada) – contact for more information

Kerr (Ireland to Quebec, Canada) – Irish genealogy.  Scottish genealogy connection too.

Are you a left-handed KERR or CARR

Jemina KERR married to Alphonso Carbee

Miller in New Brunswick

Moss (England to US)

Moss, Hartsell and Puterbaugh Genealogy – Michigan

Wilson (Scotland to Canada)

Puterbaugh (USA)

Miller Index Page

Family Photos

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