William John Irvine – 60 Years of Diaries

For sixty years my grandfather William John Irvine documented his life as a young Irish immigrant and homesteader to Canada.  My Uncle Bob spent many years transcribing perhaps a third of these diaries with the plan to share these someday.   He has now passed the torch to me to carry on.

I’ve asked the online genealogy community how best to do this and got lots of wonderful feedback.  The consensus was to create a separate blog or place for the diaries.  They liked the idea of hearing his comments of homesteading on the prairies; his comments around major world events and they want to hear more stories such as the one I wrote about The Mail Order Bride.

I know I can’t possibly give you 60 years of diary entries but I will do my best to bring Grandpa Irvine’s Diaries to life, in order to share with you, my family and with our online genealogy friends, this remarkable journal.

Introducing…. Grandpa Irvine’s Diaries.

Welcome to Luxegen Family Stories

Every family has a collection of wonderful family stories.  Some are fond memories of times gone by.  Some are photographic.  Some are memorabilia that exists in our homes today.

My name is Joan Miller and I’ve been collecting our family stories as part of our genealogy research. You may find surnames or places of interest in these family stories, or perhaps stories of geographic, social or historical interest.

My intention on these webpages are to share with you the family stories that make a family history.